Bots to Bullets by J. L. Swann

By J. L. Swann

If somebody known as you in the course of lunch and informed you to get out of city, could you move? What if that very same somebody claimed your husband had simply been murdered and that you simply and your stepson have been next?

Kate Ramsdell’s a squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease kinda gal. in the course of the week she’s an administrative assistant, the most effective in Tucson, Arizona, yet come the weekend Kate takes to the air her typing gloves and goes... severe mountain biking.

With her husband and stepson.

Until years in the past whilst Kate figured out she had breast melanoma. Then she attempted to wreck her neck. actually. That placed an finish to the intense form of biking.

For the moment.

Now the cancer’s in remission, her neck is healed, and all Kate desires to do is support her stepson plan his marriage ceremony. in any case – he’s going to marry her top friend’s daughter. How a lot enjoyable is that!

The enjoyable turns tragic whilst lunch is interrupted through a cell name from a nutcase in Montana named Jackson Miles, a voice from her husband’s desktop geek earlier. Miles insists her husband Dave is useless and that Kate and her stepson are in danger.

If she and Travis don’t depart city instantly, their lives can be forfeit.

If it weren’t for the promise Kate made her husband in the past – the promise to take Jackson Miles’ suggestion if and while it have been ever provided – Kate would’ve hung up the telephone. as an alternative, she packs her luggage, thinks up a misinform get Travis within the motor vehicle, and attempts to disappear.

Only disappearing isn’t as effortless as Kate expected.

When an individual attempts to blow off her head in a tiny roadside café, she comes to a decision they need to keep on with Miles’ directions.

But can she fairly belief a guy while she will get shot on the first time he indicates his face?

Bit by way of bit, her husband’s darkish earlier finds itself, sending either Kate and Travis at the downhill experience in their lives with twists and turns not anyone can are expecting. no longer even the enigmatic Jackson Miles.

Dodging a mysterious nemesis who turns out to understand their each movement, Kate and Travis hit the line - vacation spot unknown - whereas Miles ferrets out who killed Dave and why. Kate and Travis bob and weave and double again on their path and simply whilst the pair imagine they’ve ultimately eluded their pursuer, Miles has to teach up like a rotten banana and wreck the fable. it sort of feels Travis has been sending covert messages to his love, messages that have been intercepted through the folk attempting to kill them.

Now Kate’s soon-to-be daughter-in-law is heading into the jaws of a perilous capture. A seize in simple terms she and Travis can cease from springing.

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